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We are experts in retail and management of Amazon and other major marketplaces, utilizing data to measurably grow your company’s revenue, and expand your reach.

Save Time.

Avoid the headache of keeping up with Amazon. Utilize our experience in the marketplace to further your brand.

Take Control.

Keep consistency across the board between brick and mortar stores and online retailers by controlling MAP pricing.

Grow Your Revenue.

Stay on top of your e-commerce strategies and expand your brand to other marketplaces.

We understand.

Keeping up with Amazon can be difficult. 

We understand that you want to feel in control in how you’re selling your products online with Amazon and other big online marketplaces. In order to do that you need to spend hours trying to keep up with the changes of an evolving market and that’s time you don’t have to waste. The problem is you don’t have the time to build your brand and deal with the headaches of Amazon, which leaves you feeling frustrated.  At GEP, we believe you shouldn’t have to forfeit growth just because you don’t have the time and knowledge to keep up which is why we’ve developed a team to help you manage your brand’s Amazon Marketing, MAP and growth strategies.

What we do.

We help manage your marketplace strategies with actionable data so you can grow.

What we do.

We help manage your marketplace strategies with actionable data so you can grow.


Our Process. Your Growth.

We purchase your products and then create personalized growth and marketing strategies, based on a deep understanding of all marketplaces, so you can avoid the headache of managing your products, and maximizing your product’s potential.

1. Optimize your Amazon Growth

Is Vendor Central a headache you wish you could avoid? Let’s fix your Amazon strategy and manage your products so you can focus on growing your brand. 

2. Diversify and Grow your Reach

Are you ready to make the jump past Amazon? Finding new people to buy your products is the key to growing your revenue. Let’s expand your reach to other online marketplaces. 

3. Digitally Market your Product

Do you feel overwhelmed by your marketing options? We’ll manage your PCC, DSP, SEO accounts and build a funnel that takes browsers from awareness to purchase. We approach digital marketing with the understanding that it will increase not only online sales, but also lift traditional retail sales as well. We offer digital advertising on all major Social Platforms as well as throughout the internet, to help you build the awareness your product deserves. 

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