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Why Choose Global Ecom?

We're proud to be your leading e-commerce experts as a Top 200 Amazon Seller with over a 90% client retention rate.

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We're giving the control back to brands like yours.

At Global Ecom Partners, we look at our brands holistically. We offer services and solve problems that don’t necessarily provide a return for us, but help us deepen our relationship with our brand partners. GEP aligns our success with your brand by focusing on profitable growth. Our pledge has remained the same since Day 1: to earn your business every day.

Why Global Ecom Partners?

We want to see you succeed.

With over 10 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to be successful on Amazon.

Top 200 amazon seller

Top 200 Amazon Seller

We're one of the fastest-growing 3P Sellers in the world. We are in the Top 200 Sellers on Amazon out of 2.5 million active sellers.

zero cost partnership model

Zero-Cost Partnership Model

In the GEP Fully Managed Amazon Accelerator Program, we never charge brand partners for our services, including marketing costs. We make our money in the retail margins.

Complete Management

Tailored Marketplace Management

In our Tailored Marketplace Solutions, we customize a program to meet the unique needs of your Brand. We work together to make Amazon work for you!

96 percent client retention

96% Client Retention Rate

We don't require a contract; we earn your business every day. We trust in our process and our teams to deliver real results and grow your business.

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We focus on quality brand partnerships, not quantity.

Many of our competitors focus on getting as many brands as possible; we focus on quality partners. Because our approach is selective and brand-focused, we're able to manage all aspects of a brand's channel. Our tailored strategies extend to every marketplace (including Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Reverb) and Amazon international markets with consistent pricing, optimization, customer service, and marketing. 


Aside from Amazon, what other marketplaces do you specialize in?

Our core marketplace focus is Amazon US first then we move into,,,,, and other international Amazon marketplaces where it makes sense and with brand approval.

How are you different from other Amazon/Marketplace agencies?

In our Fully Managed Amazon Accelerator Program, we do not charge for our services. We only partner with select brands that fit our model and that we believe we can scale. We purchase products at a healthy retail price and only make money when we sell the products. No hidden fees and we do everything it takes to be successful on Amazon.

We also understand that no one Brand is the same. We will work with you to create a customized plan to make Amazon work for you. 

What kind of margins do you need?

Our target margins for the book of business are 25% to 30% after Amazon's fees. Amazon takes a 15% referral fee (for most products) and an FBA fulfillment fee which is based on the dimensions and weight of the product. In normal circumstances, keystone (50% of retail) margins work well.

Are you taking only best sellers or our entire product lines that is currently selling on Amazon?

We usually take on the entire line. Our model is built to manage the entire Amazon channel for you and that includes managing and selling all products you wish to be on the platform.